Rabbi Rayzel can help you honor all your spiritual roots as you celebrate your special day


Let Rabbi Rayzel guide you through the wedding process for your Jewish or interfaith wedding

Marvellous handmade cards incorporating symbolism from the arena of Jewish feminine consciousness

Shechinah Oracle

a handcrafted deck of oracle cards based on the Jewish Divine Feminine

A book to teach your children about the New Moon ceremony, a monthly celebration of the Jewish Divine Feminine

The New Moon

A beautifully illustrated children’s book about Rosh Hodesh

A rabbi who will spark your inner spiritual creativity

Rabbi Rayzel

Unorthodox, creative, fun, feminist, lighthearted, funny, wise

Kabbalah the Musical is an interactive theater experience drawing from the ideas and symbols of Jewish mysticism

Kabbalah the Musical

Interactive theater—educational, mysterious, enlightening and fun!

Learn about Jewish symbols, ideas, concepts that aren't taught in Hebrew School


Learn about the Kabbalah, the Soul, Dreams, Angels

Wrap yourself in a handpainted tallit, or prayer shawl, customized just for you

Shechinah Silks

Wrap yourself in a handpainted prayer shawl