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Painted silk design with hamsa or hand of G!d

Painted silk design with hamsa or hand of G!d



Creative Life Cycle Rituals

In the last 40 years since women entered the rabbinate, there are many new creative options to mark formerly private or unacknowledged moments. Rabbi Rayzel has produced powerful healing rituals for menopause, infertility, abortion, surviving breast cancer and many more. She has also fashioned joyous rituals for occasions such as birthdays, adoption ceremonies and anniversaries. Let her guide you to shape the ritual that is called for your occasion.

Kassi Underwood and Rabbi Raphael
Read Kassi Underwood's story that helped her heal in That Time I Did a Jewish Abortion Ritual.


Rabbi Raphael's Abortion Ritual
Download Rabbi Rayzel's deep, healing abortion ritual. Let rituals from ancient times help you.


graphic representing breast reduction
Read about the creative ritual for breast reduction in LILITH magazine A Ritual for Breast Reduction.


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