Interfaith Family Articles

Interfaith Choices: Till Death Do Us Part

The tough decisions made at two life cycle events, four months apart, as told by the rabbi who officiated at both the wedding and the funeral.


Naming the Stranger: A Defining Interfaith Moment

Behold, the power of a name! What we can learn from the biblical 'ger toshav,' the stranger who dwells among us, when preparing for an interfaith wedding.


Purim and Intermarriage

Queen Esther, heroine of PurimThe very fact that the Jews are saved is dependent on a Jewish queen married to a non-Jewish king. And Esther didn't tell her husband Achasverosh that she was Jewish until the climax of this exciting tale!


The Book of Ruth: an Interfaith Tale

Holiday of Shavuot and the Tale of RuthAs we read and honor Ruth's journey at Shavuot, we can reflect and honor our own unique paths. Celebrate your marriages, honor the wisdom of your ancestors and give gratitude for your abundance.


Five Interfaith Passover Readings You Can Add to Your Hagaddah

Professional advice and readings for interfaith couples’ seders, plus ritual additions like adding an artichoke to your seder plate.


With an Outstretched Arm

Pharoah's Daughter who adopted MosesThe Pharaoh’s daughter becomes one of the archetypical models of outreach. She is not afraid to face the consequences of her actions, defying her father and his evil decree. Her arms reach to embrace the stranger, and become even longer with G!d’s help! In other words, our actions of reaching ...


The Women of the Passover Story

Miriam played the tamborine as the women sangA look at who the women of Passover were, and their interfaith connections. The story of Passover, which took place over 5,000 years ago, is an amazing and miraculous historical tale that includes Hebrews, Egyptians, Midianites and other peoples.


Ger Toshav - Sources for Contemporary Application: A Proposal for Intermarried and other Allies in our Midst

Ger Toshav, an inbetween title for non-Jews who are active in the Jewish CommunityProfessional view supporting the resurrection of the concept of ger toshav — an in-between title that non-Jews who are active and committed Jewishly, yet who do not want to convert, could study and achieve.


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