Jewish Spirituality

Study drumming, angels, kabbalah, the soul, dreaming and more in Rabbi Rayzel's classes!

TAPESTRY Interview

How to Find Hope without Saying Everything is OK

Jewish Meditation

Our tradition has many forms of Jewish mediation. From Hibodedut to chanting Hebrew letters, dance and imagery, this session will be an overview of several styles of Jewish meditation to encourage your own spiritual practice.

Drum circle

The drum, the beat, the call of the primal sound, the heartbeat of community. Come and experience an evening with the drum. We will learn some basic drumming and let our spirits join with the ancient sound. Rabbi Rayzel leads an introductory drum session for all ages.


This talk will explore the Jewish angelic tradition from Biblical times through Rabbinic and medieval eras. It is said that each blade of grass has its own angel. We will discuss the roles and functions of angels including their presence in our lives.

Intro to Kabbalah

The Kabbalah is the system of esoteric Jewish knowledge developed in the Middle Ages. Come for an introduction that will cover the basics of the Tree of Life and learn about manifesting Shechinah/Malchut in the world. Keep up with Madonna!

Kabbalistic Creation Story

As many others before them, the Kabballists, Jewish mystics of the middle ages meditated on the origins of the universe. They taught of shvirat ha kelim, the shattering of the vessel, and the scattering of Devine Light. In this session we will explore this myth and our relationship to wholeness and brokenness.

Teachings on the Soul

What is the soul? What are the dimensions of our esoteric body? Jewish tradition teaches of five levels of the soul. In this session we will look at traditional sources and develop a deeper understanding of caring for our sacred self.

Dreams in Jewish Tradition

Dreaming is a nightly occurrence with spiritual significance. Jewish tradition has been teaching about the power of dreaming for centuries and holds that dreams are 1/60 prophecy. The soul speaks in symbolic dream language. Come for an evening and learn some of the great Biblical dream stories and ancient attempts to understand them. We will discuss interpretation and how to stimulate your dream life.

Shiviti: The Making of the Jewish Mandala

The custom of Sh'viti (literally to sit)-making a corner of the house sacred for prayer and contemplation-has inspired artists though the centuries. In this class we will take a look at models of traditional shiviti's and then through meditation, visioning, song and prayer we will make our own Mandala using beads and other media. This is a hands on crafts session.


In the dark time of the year, we seek enLIGHTenment from the east. Directions are very important in Jewish tradition. Learn their significance. We will make our own Mizrach during this session to remind us of the Divine presence. Art supplies will be provided.


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