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New Release: Healing Chants for the Soul

Including winners of the 2006 Shalshelet International Jewish Music Festival! (“Zeh Hayom” and “Luley”)

What began as a simple concept, bantered around for several years, became a landscape of sound. With so many dear friends facing illness, we wanted to lend our voices to the Jewish healing movement; these chants, cascades and rounds are for those who seek healing and restoration of soul as they recover from sickness, trauma or just daily life.

Sample some wonderful selections from this album!

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Who are we?

MIRAJ composes and performs a capella music for Shabbat, Rosh Hodesh and other sacred times. MIRAJ is an acronym for our names —

argot L. Stein
Geela ayzel Raphael
uliet I. Spitzer

MIRAJ is a blending of harmony and a weaving of friendship.

MIRAJ offers songs for new liturgy, for meditation, for fun.

What do the critics say?

"MIRAJ belts, croons, warbles, and whispers"
"They sound like the Jewish Roches"
"A musical dvar torah"
"A toe tapping, finger snapping tour de force!"

Meet the women of MIRAJ.

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We offer Healing Programs for times of need or loss.

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