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Shabbat Unplugged - Tof B'Yada - MIRAJ - Creative Outreach - Kabbalah the Musical

New Legends is a dynamic non-profit based in the Delaware Valley with a creative team that reaches across North America. Founded in 1990, we are a collective of artists, musicians, rabbis (sometimes all-in-one) who are committed to Jewish education and continuity through the arts and spirituality. Over the years we have been involved in many creative endeavors. Both inreach and outreach efforts include an eco-spirituality play that toured the country, a Federation-supported community-wide original musical Shabbat service that inspired thousands from every denominational background, a Passover CD recording of traditional and new melodies, and more!

More recently we have been focused on outreach. A few years ago under a grant from JOI, we created “Sidewalk Shabbat” to reach the unaffiliated. Subsequently we produced “Kabbalah: the Musical!” in the Philadelphia Fringe festival as a way to reach people.


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