Need to send a present to cheer someone up?
Need a gift idea that needs no wrapping?
Looking for an original idea that makes people happy
and has no environmental concerns?
Looking for way to send a Jewish message?

Why not send a song? Or a concert? Or session?

Rabbi Rayzel writes original Jewish music for all occasions— lifecycle, liturgical, heartache, holidays, and even dieting.

And she is willing to call your mother, sister, father, brother, son, daughter, friend, husband or anyone else you know and sing a song into their voice mail.

Or visit them in the hospital and sing at bedside.

This is a unique way to say I love you! and can be played over and over!

Just tell Rabbi Rayzel what you need the song for. Here are some categories:

  • Healing: Bedside Angels, Strength, Broken Heart
  • Holidays: Hanukah, New Year, Pesach, Rosh Hodesh
  • Women’s music: Empowerment, Infertility, Body Image
  • Lifecycle: Wedding, Brit, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, Shiva, Adoption
  • Psalms & Daily Liturgy: (Send Ma’ariv or Mincha to someone!)
  • Shabbat songs: Kabbalat, Sat morning, Havdalah

Or pick a genre: Do you like gospel? Folk? Blues ? or ????

$18 includes:

1. The song consult to see what song is appropriate,
2. The song being sung into the answering machine and
3. A greeting sent by email to the person…

For $180 dollars an original song will be composed for you
or who you are sending this to.

For an onsite hospital or bedside visit.


For more information, email me at

or call 215-237-2955