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Rabbi Rayzel Raphael in colorful silk tallit and holding a tambourine

Miriam's Well

Tradition: In the Torah, there is reference to a natural well that follows the children of Israel as they wandered in the desert. (Numbers 20:1)

Rashi: "From this we learn that all forty years, they had a well because of the merit of Miriam."

The Zohar: "And three good gifts were given in their behalf ... and a moving Well in Miriam's merit." (Taanit 9a, Zohar III 102b)

Midrash Rabbah: "The Well produced various kinds of herbs, vegetables, and even trees for the Israelites." (Shir haShirim 4:27)

The Tosefta: The well ascended mountains and valleys and the water rose up like a pillar. (Sukka 3:11)

Meaning: Spiritual thirst and restoration, Waters of life.

Interpretation: Miriam’s Well symbolizes the water that nourishes our spiritual selves.

Reflection: Where do you find your “water,” the nourishment for your soul?

Reversed: Your Well is dry. Time to look at what is drying up your well and find some time for nourishment. Drink Deep.




Rabbi Rayzel has researched AND crafted a deck of SHECHINAH ORACLE CARDS, with images from ancient Jewish texts.  Shechinah, The Feminine Divine Presence, is represented in the vast body of literature from Talmud and Zohar. Reb Rayzel has added her contemporary interpretations to make these teachings relevant to our own time. 

Wings of Shechinah ::: Resurrection

Come and experience the wisdom of Shechinah in a workshop led by the "magical" Rabbi Rayzel Raphael. Through story, song and meditation, the legends of Shechinah will be revealed for your life.

"What I have learned from these cards are that they are alive.  They are a living repository of Jewish women's wisdom.  Now that the Divine Feminine is emerging, they are anxious to speak.  They have so much to share.  They have been silenced.  They have been relegated to the kitchen and the bedroom -- which are of course the juiciest places of embodiment.  Now they want to come out to play!  They say, 'Pick me.  Pick me.  I have a lot to say.'"

~ Juna Berry Madrone, Natural Mystic Guide.

"The Shechinah cards conceived and developed by Geela Rayzel are both brilliant and awesome. Each beautiful card representing a different manifestation of the Divine Presence offers a direct glimpse of the Shechinah Herself. These cards also offer a unique opportunity for spiritual growth, a meditative doorway for self-discovery and transformation.  Using these cards for meditation is divine play of the highest order."

~ Melinda (Mindy) Ribner, Founder and Director of Beit Miriam and Kabbalah of the Heart.

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