Healing Chants for the Soul CD

Rabbi Raphael's newest venture is in partnership with her MIRAJ sisters, Juliet Spitzer and Margot Stein.

MIRAJ began singing together 13 years ago, so this is our Bat Mitzvah album! We have grown togther and woven our lives as tightly as these harmonies, holding each other up through major sevenths and minor seconds, listening deeply to the patterns and possibilities.

What began as a simple concept, bantered around for several years, became a landscape of sound. With so many dear friends facing illness, we wanted to lend our voices to the Jewish healing movement; these chants, cascades and rounds are for those who seek healing and restoration of soul as they recover from sickness, trauma or just daily life.

This music is made to be shared. Take it to your loved ones, your healing circles, synagogues, hospital rooms, and meditation spaces. Let its vibrations retune your body; surround yourself with soaring harmonies and see if your spirits lift as well.

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