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She Said NoAngels Carry YouSimchat ChochmahWelcome to the World Bar Mitzvah Bedeken Song • Get Me a GetHavdalah Live!Psalm 95: L'Chu N'Raninah Rosh Hodesh MoonUshpizinEvening the Evenings Serenity Prayer Jerusalem Dream VisionShechinah ComingMiriam Took Her Timbrel Out

She Said "No"!

©Margot Stein, Rayzel Raphael, Bayla Ruchama, Juliet Spitzer
Rosh Chodesh Adar, February 17,1988

Without her gown
He summoned her down
Said it was his right
As a man with a crown
He was obsessed;
She should be undressed
Vashti refused to be
a woman oppressed.

CHORUS: She said "no" to the king,
She said "no" to the king,
She said "no-no-no-no-no-no-no"
She said "no" to the king!
The king then cried
"Find me a bride
She must be beautiful
And have no pride";
When Esther came
He said "You I will tame
And if you don't like it
Well, Vashti's to blame!"

Esther took heart,
That girl was so smart
Thinking of others
and doing her part
She was to find
to get out of that bind
She needed her body
and also her mind. (CHORUS)

Esther was brave
But the court was depraved
And Haman the Evil One
Ranted and raved;
She took a stand
Yes, she made a demand
That the Jews should be saved
Throughout the land. (CHORUS)

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Angels Carry You

Written For Savina Teuval’s exit of this world

At this time of transition, going to the Light
At this time of transition, going home is right
Let go of the struggle, let go of your fear
All will be forgiven, your slate to be cleared

May the angels carry you
May the angels carry you.

Your work is done, it is time to rest
The fruit of your hands & your soul be blessed
Joining your ancestors, finding a new way
Crossing the threshold, wrapped in G!d’s embrace.

May the angels carry you ( 2x)

Surrounded by love, angels take your hand
Guiding you on, its part of the plan
Shechinah welcomes you opening her wings
Hearing the chorus. Join the angels singing.

Mi’yimini micheala , Mi’smoli Gavriealla Mi’lifnai Uriella m’ achorai Raphaella

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Simchat Chochmah

For Pat Wische, Reb Leah Novick and Sandy Cohen
on the occasions of their Simchat Hochmah

©Geela Rayzel Raphael March 2002

Simchat simchat hochmah
hochmat isha, hayom.
Simchat simchat hochmah
Praise the wisdom of the crone!

Selah! Celebrating,
celebrating our age
Mentor, Teacher, Beauty
Honor the power of the sage!

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Welcome to the World

© Geela Rayzel Raphael

We've been waiting these months for you
We're glad you're here
By the gift of your birthing
A miracle is clear;
You'll wind the road that lays before you
with your ups and downs
Blazing trails of growth and learning
There's wisdom to be found.

Chorus: Welcome to the world little stranger
Welcome to the world
Waken to the life before you
Welcome to the whirl.

Your mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles
Grandparents, cousins, too
Have all been waiting, anticipating
That first glimpse of you
On your shoulders rests a legacy
Handed down through time
Welcome to our Jewish family
Little spark of Divine. Chorus

Forge your way among our people
With the mantle of your name
Carving out your destiny
There's life out there to tame.
Wear the mark upon your body
Carry it deep within your soul
Connecting you throughout our history
This sign makes you whole. Chorus

Be a blessing, be a mensch
Be a feminist in your heart
Be a partner of social justice
Always do your part
Be a prophet, be a friend
Be sweet and good and kind
Be blessed with health and laughter
Knowing you are Divine. Chorus

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Bar Mitzvah

©Geela Rayzel Raphael September 2002
for Yigdal Shalev Jerusalem Jeremiah Paull Raphael

As we walk on the journey called life
Never knowing what will be
We send out prayers to the universe
Asking for what we think we need
And when children appear and join us on the way
G!d answers in ways we'll never know
Surrender we must and open eyes and heart
Thats the way our spirit grows.

Baruch ata Yah sh’pitarani may onsho sh'la zeh;
Brucha at Yah, sh’pitarani may onsho sh'la zeh;
Nivarech et Yah, sh’pitarani may onsho sh'la zeh;
Blessed be the One, releasing me from this sweet liabillity.

Raising a child of the heart
Teaching what you think you know
You give and give with all you've got
Its the only way to go
And you never know if returns are coming in
Sometimes all you can do is pray
That you give them what they need to make it through life
And stand before you on their Bar Mitzvah day.

Now stands before me a man
Who was so small not that long ago
You brought lessons for us to learn
Places we need to grow
So we fed and we held, we kissed those wounded knees
Nourished a soul and a mind
On a day like to day when we see who you are
We know you’re leaving that childhood behind.

Now go forth from today,
Standing up straight and tall
Ready to meet what life offers you
Help out and listen for your call
Now don't forget to eat breakfast,
Brush your teeth and mind your manners too
As I send you off into the unknown
know I really love you.

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Bedeken Song

Geela Rayzel Raphael Dec 1997
Based on Gen 24:60 & 22:18

Achotaynu at
achotaynu at
Hi’yee lalphay r’vavah
Hi’yee lalphay r’vavah
v’yeerash zaraych et sha’ar sonav
v’yeerash zaraych et sha’ar sonav.

Achotaynu at,
Ach atah,
Hi’yee lalphay r’vavah
Heveh lalphay r’vavah
v’yeerash zaraych et sha’ar sonav
v’yeerash zaracha et sha’ar oyvav.

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Get Me a Get

© Geela Rayzel Raphael and Rose Zoltek August 2009

Get me a get I'm moving on
Get me get it's been too long
Get me a get I'm feeling strong
Get me a get-it's freedom song.

Let's mark the end of the life we led
Let's not look back but move ahead
Treasure our kids we brought into this world
Embrace the new as it unfurls.

It's time for closure on what we had,
Time to set aside feeling sad
Hold the good times, throw out the bad
Time to move from grief to glad.

Untangle our souls, untangle our lives
Move beyond bitterness and strife
One day I hope we can again be friends
But this chapter has come to an end.

What's past is past, what's done is done
We shared a life when we were young
Our paths merged to create family
We're left with many good memories.

We need to bury many dreams
Find a new journey to fit our needs
Go for the light and time will mend.
Out of the ashes, we'll be born again

last chorus: Get us a get we're moving on
Get us a get, life is long
Get us a get we're gonna be strong
Get us a get-it's freedom song.

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Havdalah Live!

©GRR Nov 1995

Saturday night, Havdalah live!
Saturday night won't ya gimme five
Saturday night - this aint no jive
Saturday night - can't you feel the vibe?
(Saturday Night- Havdalah Live!)

Chorus: Boogie woogie, woogie, woogie woogie wu- jam

Hamavdil beyn kodesh l'chol
Gonna sing a song to save your soul
Gonna have some rthym- gonna have some roll
Hamavdil be kodesh l'chol

Beyn or l'chosheck - thats light and dark
see the candle- feel the spark
between the six days and yom sh'vi'i
with Havdalah (Live)- we start the week.

Sniff the spices, bless the wine
welcome Elijah, that dude's fine
Had a good rest this Shabbos day
Saturday night now its time to play.

Saturday night - say farewell to the Queen
Saturday night - she leaves the scene
M'lava malka, you know what I mean
Saturday night say farewell to the Queen.

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Psalm 95 L'Chu N'Raninah

©Geela Rayzel Raphael
Jan 1995

L'chu Ni'raninah
We'll Rock to the Rock in joy.
L'chu Ni'raninah Yah!
We'll Rock to the Rock in joy.
Chorus: Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy,
We'll rock to the Rock in joy.

Nah'ri'ah l'Tzur Yishaynu
Rock to the Rock in joy.
Nah'ri'ah l'Tzur Yishaynu
Rock to the Rock in joy.
Chorus: Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy,
Rock, to the Rock in joy.

Bridge: Rock to the Rock to the Rock in Joy, (4x)

Hurry to sing those songs of thanks
Rock to the Rock in joy.
Time to let the Spirit dance
Rock to the Rock in joy.
Chorus: Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy,
Rock, to the Rock in joy.

Lets' shout out our songs of praise
Rock to the Rock in joy.
Harmony our voices raise.
Rock to the Rock in joy.
Chorus: Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy,
Rock to the Rock in Joy.

Rock, rock, rock, rock, rock to the Rock (3x)
Rock to the Rock in joy.!
Rockin in joy, rockin' in joy, rockin' joy
We'll rock, (salvation) we'll rock (salvation) rock to the Rock in joy!

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Rosh Hodesh Moon

© by Geela Rayzel Raphael
Jerusalem, November 1988

Its a moon song
Bubbling up and over me
Darkness, sets my spirit free.
Rosh Hodesh, enchanted time to hallow the month
Lunar spirals, cycle 'round the earth.
Renew our souls, Reopen up our hearts
Re-light our internal sparks;
Mysterious by day, Your wisdom guides our way
Flowing with the rhythm of the tides.
Brucha Ya Rachamema, Mikor Or Hadash, Michadeshet et Ha-Hodashim, Amen, Selah!

Its a moon song
Casting our shadows on the ground,
We're humbled by Your ancient glow.
Rosh Hodesh, yearning for your radiant shine
We gather, honoring Divine.
Your moonbeams catch our eyes
Releasing heartfelt sighs,
The clouds are blown across our minds;
I can read your face, in the depths of space
Your presence reveals a sacred sign.
Brucha Ya Rachamemah, Mikor Or Hadash, Michadeshet et Ha-z'manin,

Its a moon song
Calling through the centuries
Holy tribute to the Queen.
Rosh Hodesh, Mistress of reflected light
Luminescence fills the night.
Awaken with desire, rekindle inner fire
Laugh, as we shoot across the sky;
Circle with the Flame, Dance Your hidden Name
Sing praises with our voices rising high.

Brucha Ya Rachamema, Mikor Or Hadash, Michdeshet et Ha-Yerachim, Amen, Selah!

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@Geela Rayzel Raphael 1993

Welcome to our sukkah, come and be our guest
You'll eat, drink, and study, sit- enjoy your rest.

Chorus: Ti-vu Ti-vu Ushpizin ee-lah-een
Ti-vu Ti-vu Ushpizin Ka-di-shin.

Welcome Father Avraham, G!d put you to the test
Bring your faith and hesed, join us as we bless.

Welcome, Mother Sara, Let your laughter ring
Bring your wisdom and your light, join us as we sing.

Welcome Father Yitzhak, in the afternoon you prayed
Bring a meditation, join us here today.

Welcome, Mother Rivka, we've heard your voice so clear
Come and bring your oracles, come and join our cheer.

Welcome, Father Yaakov, you wrestled through the night
Come and bring your vision, help us get this right.

Welcome Mother Rachel, you weap on our behalf
Come and bring us mandrakes, come and join our laugh.

Welcome Mother Leah, seven kids born to you,
Come and bring fertility, help us to renew

Welcome Brother, Yosef, a colored coat you wore
Come and bring us happy dreams, sit with us some more.

Welcome Sister Tamar, a widows clothes you wore
But come and bring your cleverness, we'll greet you at the door.

Welcome holy Moses, you met G!d face to face
Come and bring your leadership, we've saved you a place.

Welcome Sister Miriam, you danced across the sea
Come bring your tof and timbrel, dance to set us free.

Welcome Brother Aaron, our glorious High Priest
Come and bring us holiness, come and join our feast.

Welcome brave Devorah, you battled brave and strong
Come and bring your torches, join us in our song.

Welcome Queen Batsheva, found your beloved true
Mother of King Shlomo, his wisdom came through you.

Welcome Melech David, you danced a mighty dance;
Its time for the Mashiach, its time we had the chance.

Welcome Grandmother Ruth, you chose to be a Jew,
Come and bring your loyalty, bring Naomi too.

Welcome Melech David,you wrote many psalms
Come and bring your etrog, myrtle, willow and palms.

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Evening the Evenings

© Geela Rayzel Raphael, 1994

Sacred words even the evenings
Wisdom opens gates locked around our hearts
Asher bid-varo ma'ariv aravim
B'chochmah potay'ach sh'arim.

Hatima: Evening, the evenings
evening the frayed edges of our lives;
Ma'ariv aravim. (2x)

Understanding alters with the times
Changing seasons, cycles divine;
U- vitvunah m'shaneh e-tim
u-machlif et ha-z'manim.

Paint diamonds on the canvas called sky
Sooth our souls with a lilting lulabye;
U-misader et ha-kochavim
B'mishm'rotayhem ba-rakiah kirtzono.

Rollin', rollin' into the night
Rollin' rollin' away the light;
Golayl or mip'nay choshech,
golayl hoshech mipnay or.

Spirit of the Night we bless Your Name
Eternal light, Eternal flame;
Ayl chai v'kayam tamid yimloch ah-laynu
L'olam va-ed.

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Serenity Prayer

adapted Geela Rayzel Raphael and Shawn Zevit December 2008

Oh God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
Oh God, Grant me the courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference (3x)
And in our lives Peace.

Eli, tayn bi et ha- shalva l'kabel
et asher aneyni yechola l'shanot
Eli, v'tayn bi et ha -ometz l'shanot ma ani oo-chal
v'et ha-chochma ( 2x)
v’et ha chochman l'havdil b'nayhem ( 2x)
b'hayaynu shalom.

Whether I take 12 steps or two,
I know I walk hand in hand with you;
In the midst of the chaos and the winds of change
In the eye of the storm, you keep me sane.
You are my journey and you are the destination
You are the source of my salvation.

You are the source of my salvation
Give me the courage
Grant me the serenity
And the wisdom, ( 3x)
for peace.

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Jerusalem Dream Vision

Dedicated to Sara Leah, her vision inspired the dream.

Visiting us in the midst of our dreams
Beckoning us in our sleep;
Voice of prophets are speaking to me
Summoning memory so deep.

Holy, holy Shechinah
Many years you've been on the roam;
Holy, holy Shechinah
Yerushalayim is calling you home.

Voices of women rise through the mist
Cutting through clouds like a knife;
Crying out "Freedom" and praying for peace
Breathing Your vision to life. (Chorus)

The rape of Your women, Your children, the earth
Must cease if we are to survive;
The sun may turn dark and the moon into blood
there'll be nary a soul left alive! (Chorus)

Yet we'll turn evil to good, and sadness to joy
We'll find light in the face in our friends;
Not by sword, nor by might
but by spirit we'll make amends. (Chorus)

Through vigil and chanting, and works of our hands
We'll dust the jewel of Your crown;
Banish illusions that get in our way
Bringing the barriers down. (Chorus)

We'll stand at Your Kotel with strength in our eyes
Claiming the Wall as our space;
Trusting Your wisdom to safeguard our souls
Turning our anger to grace. (Chorus)

Your mystic sunset of pink, purple, blue
Hangs over her hills like a veil;
Yerushalayim welcomes angels of peace
To guide us along the right trail. (Chorus)

Your moon shadow circle suspended in air
Signals for our souls to sing;
The Daughters of Zion will dance in her streets
The bells of Mashiach will ring! (Chorus)

© Geela Rayzel Raphael, 1989
with a little help from my friends;
Chaya Beckerman and Felicia Mednick
Jerusalem Adar/Feb 1989

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Shechinah Coming

© Geela Rayzel Robinson
April 1987

Among the many nations, we are a people of peace,
But as the ancient women, we have a longing for release;
Unbinding chains of habit
Painting textured fabric
Brucha Yah Shechinah, Arrive!
Chanting sacred stories, her tapestries unfold,
Mysterious, majestic Shechinah our soul;
Dwelling deep within us
Stirring myth within us
Praise be Her spirit, Arrive!

CHORUS: Ha-le-lu-ha! Its coming time, we've seen the signs
Coming times we seen the signs,
Shechinah glory will surely shine!

Drawn home to mother, come the exiles dispersed
Reviving holy Hebrew means our cultures rebirth;
Her cloud hovers above
Yerushalayim Her love
Waiting for Her children's return.
Resting in the Temple, she finds a place to alight
Our eagle of protection, Her fire lights the night;
Underneath Her wings
Freilach voices sing
Yearning for Her Sukkat Shalom. (CHORUS)

Raising up our power, the Female Divine
Clarifying vision, the world redefines;
The spark of Her spirit
Calls to those who hear it
Blessed be Her ruach, Arrive!
Her presence in creation, burns bright as the sun,
The moon is Her symbol, darkness undone;
Rosy rainbow flashes
She's rising from the ashes
Brucha Yah Shechinah, Arrive! (CH

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Miriam Took her Timbrel Out

© by G. Rayzel Robinson Raphael 1984

By the shores, by the shores,
Of the Red, Red Sea,
By the shores of the Red, Red Sea;
The light of day lit up the night
The children, they were free.

CHORUS: And Miriam took her timbrel out and all the women danced. (2X)
Va- te-kach Miriam ha-nivea et ha tof b'ya-da, va’taytzeh-na col ha-nashim ah-cha- re-ha.

They danced, they danced
Oh, how they danced
They danced the night away
Clapped their hands and stamped their feet
With voices loud they praised.

They danced with joy
They danced with grace
They danced on nimble feet
Kicked up their heels, threw back their heads
Hypnotic with the beat. CHORUS

They danced so hard, they danced so fast;
They danced with movement strong
Laughed and cried, brought out alive
They danced until the dawn.

Some carrying child, some baking bread
Weeping as they prayed
But when they heard the music start
They put their pain away. CHORUS

Enticed to sing, drawn to move
Mesmerized by such emotion
The men saw us reach out our hands
Stretching across the ocean.

As they watched, and they clapped, they began to sway
Drawn to ride the wave
and all our brothers began to dance
They dance with us today!

They danced, we dance
Shechinah dance
They danced the night away
And all the people began to sing
We're singing 'til this day!!

FINAL CHORUS: And Miriam took her timbrel out and all the people danced. (2X)
Va- te-kach Miriam ha-nivea et ha tof b'ya-da, v'a’taytzeh-na col anashim ah-cha- re-ha.

CODA: and the children were rockin’ just as far as you could see,
by the shores, by the shores, my God, my God we were free.

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