Weekend Programs

These program topics can be presented in a one time session as well.

The New Jewish Spirit Through Song/
Music Scholar-in-Residence

Enjoy a full weekend of new Jewish music—Friday night services, Saturday morning and a Havdalah ( end of Sabbath) concert. This program includes Rabbi Rayzel’s very singable Hebrew /English interpretations of psalms, traditional liturgy—presented in an interactive style. For additional community involvement, Rabbi Rayzel will rehearse with your musicians so that they will learn the material and will be able to integrate the music into your community after the weekend.

Encounter with Angels

Judaism has a rich angelic tradition. During this program, Rabbi Rayzel will explore the Jewish perspectives on angels with your congregation. This weekend could include: an introductory session with interactive discussion, a text study session and/ or finish with a workshop session to invite our angels to guide us. Other complementary esoteric topics can be included such as Jewish magic, amulets, prophecy and/or divination.

Biblical Women, our Spirit Guides—
A Weekend with Women of the Bible

During this weekend, we will explore archetypes of Biblical women through text study and song. This is an excellent subject related to the Torah portions:

  • Matriarchs during the fall season (Sara, Rachel , Rebecca, Leah)
  • Women of the Passover story in spring time
    (Miriam,Yocheved, Shifra, Puah, Batya)
  • Shabbat Shira (Devorah, Miriam and Yael)


Rabbi Rayzel includes text study, song, Midrash writing as components of her teaching.

The Worlds of Jewish Spirituality

Judaism has a rich spiritual tradition that addresses the big questions of soul, dreams, life and death. Through a survey of Jewish mystical and Kabblistic literature Rabbi Rayzel will explore the edge of what is Jewish spirituality. This can also include a session of spiritual life journeys.

Jewish Arts and Life of the Soul

Judaism is an evolving civilization with a rich artistic culture. This weekend will be an immersion in exploration of the poetry, arts, music, and midrash as well as a hands on session with participants making their own creations.

These are possible topics outlines for Shabbatonim. Depending on the needs of the congregation Rabbi Rayzel is able to lead Shabbat and Havdalah services, offer teaching and discussion sessions, as well as an interactive concert and/or drumming circle.


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