Kabbalah the Musical!

“Kabbalah, the Musical!” is a multi-dimensional interactive theatre piece created by maverick artist and performer Rabbi Rayzel Raphael. Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition, is able to be presented in an entertaining manner to various sizes of groups. “Kabbalah, the Musical!” is based on research from ancient Kabbalistic texts, yet is accessible to all.

dramatic, musical, interactive: it's Kabbalah the Musical!

“The Path of Kabbalah was formerly esoteric, open to men only, who were married, and over forty. In the 21st century, as women are claiming their spiritual power, the doors sprung open. I was moved to bring this material to a larger audience," says Rabbi Rayzel. “The performance itself is designed to be a mystical experience!” says Raphael. The program invites audience participation. Rabbi Raphael composed all music, songs and meditative chants.

Kabbalah is the Jewish wisdom tradition, collected over many centuries. Based on ancient Biblical, Rabbinic and Medieval Jewish writings, Kabbalah contains “the secrets to the universe.” Popularized by Madonna, for some Kabbalah provides practical guidance on taking the next step on the path of a spiritual journey. “Kabbalah, the Musical!” is a product of years of study. Based on an assignment in Rabbinical school, and finding the Kabbalistic material rich in metaphor and symbols, Rabbi Rayzel felt it warranted a creative form of expression rather than linear term paper.

“My dream has been to bring the hidden tradition of Kabbalah to the public."

Rabbi Rayzel has also created a handcrafted deck of Shechinah Oracle cards, exploring the Divine Feminine in Kabbalah. Shechinah, as the Kabbalists called Her, is the Indwelling presence of God. Incorporated into the performance is a “reading” from the Shechinah Oracle.

Bring “Kabbalah, the Musical!” to your community—either as full production or one that lets your group be in the script. Your community will love it and in this format they won't mind learning at all!


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