Sacred Jewish Journeys

Rabbi Rayzel organizes and leads specialty tours of Jewish interest. Her focus is Israel, however she is dreaming of tours to Spain, Ukraine, Cuba, South American.

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Itinerary for this trip

My goal is to take you on an adventure. Travel opens us up to many new ideas and cultures and my idea of travel is not to just to tour but to experience, interact and taste what the world has to offer.Each day’s itinerary is crafted to be a journey of transformation. My intention is to explore the ancient roots of Jewish spirituality. We visit archeology sites and follow the path of growth and blossoming from these roots. We visit change makers, secular and religious. Weaving between layers of history, we find the thread of connection, through herstory. My hope is that each participant also finds their own place on the path as we travel - adding their voice to this ongoing tradition. And of course we eat well, tasting what each place has to offer.


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