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Rabbi Rayzel Raphael


Rabbi Rayzel organizes and leads specialty tours of Jewish interest. Her focus is Israel, however she is dreaming of tours to Spain, Ukraine, Cuba, South American.

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Her most recent offering is: A Woman's Transformation in Israel Tour

Itinerary for this trip

In honor of Miriam crossing the Red Sea, here are the details for a great women's trip to Israel fall 2017. It's a peace mission/spirituality journey with emphasis on interaction with various local Israeli cultures. This is a great trip for women as we will be going to the roots of worship of the Divine Feminine in ancient Israel, as well as meeting contemporary manifestations of Her Presence.

We invite you to join a women’s INTERACTIVE trip to Israel, embracing the land, people, and promise of peace. This 11-day trip from November 9 to 19, 2017 is equally appropriate for those who have never been to Israel as it is for those who have been in other contexts but want a deeper richer experience with a focus on the women of the land.

Each day’s itinerary was crafted and featured speakers were selected using the template of the heroines’ journey of transformation. Our intention for this trip was to explore the ancient roots of Jewish women’s spirituality. We will visit archeology sites and receive an overview about matriarchal worship in ancient Israel at the Israel Museum. Our journey then follows this path of growth and blossoming from these roots. We will visit feminist change makers, secular and religious. Weaving between layers of history, we will find the thread of connection, women-to-women, through herstory. The trip culminates with Women of the Wall. Our hope is that each participant also finds their own place on the path of the Divine Feminine as we travel - adding her voice to this ongoing tradition.

One exciting feature is that we have included an optional culinary package to engage with Arab and Israeli women cooks and sample creations from various cultures in Israel.

We have tried to make it economical–we are staying at good–but modest accommodations–because we felt location and convenience trumped luxury. We have included a number of meals, but have not covered all meals, as we know some folks like to wander on their own. We also priced the trip without credit card fees to give you the choice to save a few bucks if you pay by check. Our guides, driver, speakers are all paid in line with fair wages.

Registration deadline: July 20, 2017

More info Prices and itinerary

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or call 215-782-1221